Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 - Finally Getting it Done

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So, it has been a LOOONG time since I wrote anything here.  Like many other projects, this is one that I started and then wandered away from long before it was done.  I mean - when is a blog done?  Also, I barely started!  This cannot possibly be done.

And this blog is just one thing in a list of things I started and have yet to finish.  I have a barely begun race t-shirt blanket; about 15 books that I read 30 pages of (never mind the ones I bought and haven't started yet); and most recently I purchased all the ingredients to make my own bath bombs and soap - then promptly put it all in a box, and stuck it in my closet.  

Well, no more!  This year is going to be the year when I finish things - and it starts with this blog.  I hesitate to call this a resolution, so let's go with a new habit.  I am going to make writing a habit (lucky you - you get to read it all)!!  I am also going to make finishing things a habit, starting with the race t-shirt blanket that has been moved to three different locations, in a variety of plastic bins and bags.  I am the worst.  

The upside of this habit - other than feeling accomplished - is that it is going to force me to carve out time for myself to get these things done.  I mean, yes, I already carve out a whole lot of time for running, but that is actually different.  Training for a race is actually easier for me than convincing myself to sit still and get working on a project, even when the project is something I really WANT to do.  Maybe it is the focus that is needed, maybe it is the idea of not being able to finish in one sitting; I am not sure why it is so hard for me - but it is something I know I need to be better about, at home and at work.  

So it starts today, with this quick post!  Then I will probably procrastinate by browsing Amazon for organizational tools I don't really need, then I have a 10k, and I probably will need a nap at some point...  But this is just the first day of my new habit, so even this one small task being completed and published is a start, right?.  Small steps, daily mindfulness, and getting it done - that is what matters.  

And naps.  Naps also matter.  A lot.   

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